What Does It Mean That The Printer is Offline?

What Does It Mean That The Printer is Offline?

Won’t Printer Printer is Offline

When your printer shows an offline status the direct meaning is that it is not connected to the internet. The reasons for this status can be many. Let us look at the causes:

Printer is Offline

  • When the printer is not connected to the computer it can lead to an offline error on the printer.
  • Is your printer running on ‘Use Printer Offline’ option? You should uncheck this option by configuring the settings ‘Printers’ tab on your computer.
  • Sometimes when the Universal Serial Bus cable (USB) is damaged or broken, it can make the printer not receive any internet signals and therefore it goes offline. In addition you should check the ports that connect the printer and the computer.
  • Is your printer within the range of the router or the WLAN access point? While ensuring that your printer is placed at an appropriate distance from the router, also ensure there are no other signal emitting devices such as microwave or cell phone near your printer.

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