Why are There Lines on My Printing?

White Or Black Lines Issue With Printing Inkjet Printer

You got lines all over that important project’s print outs for which you worked so hard? Don’t panic, here are the reasons and their solutions to fix this issue:

Lines on My Printing

  • If you are getting white horizontal lines on the print outs, it is because the nozzles of the ink cartridges get chocked and dispense ink intermittently. You can take of this issue by:
  1. You should use the printer regularly rather than occasionally using it.
  2. You should perform regular ink tests to ensure the nozzles of the cartridges are not blocked.
  3. Regularly clean the cartridges and inspect for any ink spills or clots.
  4. Check the expiry date of the cartridges that you are using.
  5. Always get the cartridges professionally refilled.
  • If you are getting black line all over the print outs then this can be dealt in the following ways:
  1. Use a clean fuser.
  2. Keep the transfer roller clear of any stuck paper.
  3. Look out for exhausted toners.

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