HP Printer PCL Xl Error Illegal Tag

PCL Xl Illegal Tag Error Code HP Printer

The following article provides solutions to the ‘HP printer PCL xI Error Illegal Tag’ problem.

While trying to use the HP printer, users might face an error like the one shown below:

  • Pcl xl error
  • Subsystem : kernel
  • Error : illegal tag
  • Operator : 0x1b
  • Position : 6 (or some other number)

Causes PCL Xl Illegal Tag Error HP Printer Machine


The error is caused by a problem affecting the HP Laserjet PCL XL Driver.

Troubleshooting HP Printer PCL Xl Error Illegal Tag


The users can try the solutions below and see the one that works for them. At the end of each solution, print services must be tried again to see if the problem has been solved. You can easily fix this HP Printer Error Code .

1: Connecting the printer directly

As LaserJet printers are generally accessed via a network, users can try to solve the problem by connecting the computer directly to the printer. A cable that’s IEEE-1284 compliant can be used for this purpose.

2: Disabling advanced and high-speed properties

Users must go the printer’s Control Panel for disabling the printer’s ‘Advanced’ and ‘High Speed’ features. The following must be completed to do this:

First, users must press the ‘Menu’ in the display of the printer which will show the ‘I/O Menu’. Then the ‘Item’ key must be pressed till ‘Parallel High Speed = Yes’ is seen.

Then, the ‘Value’ key must be pressed so that the value of ‘Parallel High Speed’ changes to ‘No’.

Now, users must choose the ‘Select’ key and make sure that an asterisk can be seen beside ‘Parallel High Speed = No’. Then the ‘Item’ key must be pressed and held down till ‘Advanced Features = On’ is shown in the display of the printer.

Then users must press and hold down the ‘Value’ key till the value of ‘Advanced Functions’ changes to ‘Off’.

Finally, the ‘Select’ key must be pressed, and users must check that an asterisk is seen beside ‘Advanced Functions = Off’.

3: Updating the printer’s driver

The error is seen if the necessary driver files are either outdated or not present in the computer. If this is the case, users must go to HP’s website to download the current driver updates and update the driver files that exist.

4: Using another printer driver

If the PCL 6 ( or some number) driver’s error persists, it must be removed from the computer and the PCL5 printer driver that comes with the HP LaserJet Printer must be installed. In case the driver isn’t available, the current preinstalled driver available in the computer must be used.

Note: Users must utilise a good registry cleaner and check that after the driver is uninstalled, no orphan registries are left behind.

5: Removing extra memory chips

If any memory chips have been added to the printer users must try removing those chips to check if the error is rectified.

HP Technical Support – Scope of Service

If users were unable to solve the issue they must get in touch with our HP technical support helpdesk team at this number Technical Support For Printer . Our HP tech support team will

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