Canon Printer Errors

How To Fix Canon Printer Technical Errors

Canon printers are smart devices that are designed to give high performance print results. They need some basic support to function well such as taking care of their internal and external environment, otherwise the printer starts showing error. Here Printer Technical Support Number you can find instant help .

We understand that seeing coded errors can be daunting sometimes, and an IT technician is not always available. Therefore, we want to give you some DIY troubleshooting tips and methods that can resolve most of the common errors Canon Printers show.

Common Issue Canon Printer

Why do printer errors crop up?

It is important to understand the reason why your printer shows errors. Well, errors are a mode of communication of your printer to point at the underlying issues of your printer, that are hindering the current print command. In a way you printer tries to help you by highlighting the issue. Some of the reasons behind the common errors are as follows:

  • If the USB cables and other cords are not in good shape (if they are broken or damaged), or if they are not fitted well into the computer and the printer, they can result in errors.
  • Not placing the stack of paper in the paper input tray of your printer can result in errors.
  • Using fake cartridges, exhausted cartridges or using unprofessionally refilled ink cartridges can cause serious harm to your printer and can result in errors.
  • Over use of printer can make the fuser of the printer too hot and therefore it can stop printing.
  • Paper jams in the printer is another reason.

Solve Now Canon Printer Problem

Let us troubleshoot the errors:

There are a few basic troubleshooting ways that can resolve most of the common printer errors. We have listed them below. Please follow the instructions in the order as mentioned.

Quick fix 1:

Sometimes your printer appears to be offline while you try to take a print out over a network. Following are the reasons and their troubleshooting methods:

  • Due to lack of activity over a long period of time, your printer can go into sleep mode to conserve energy. And therefore it appears to be offline. In order to wake up your printer, simply press any key and it should initialize itself. Give it a while to ready its internal functions before you start to print.
  • You can also fix this error in the following way:
  1. Click on ‘Windows’ icon or ‘Start’ button.
  2. Open ‘Control Panel.’
  3. Go to ‘Devices and Printers.’
  4. You will see a new window which will enlist all the available printers on your network.
  5. Choose the desired printer.
  6. Uncheck the box that says ‘Use printer offline.’
  7. Close all the tabs and refresh your computer before using it.

Quick fix 2:

Paper plays an important role in various obvious and not so obvious ways in the functioning of your printer. Following are some paper related troubleshooting methods and tips to stay at bay from the common errors:

  • Every time you place a stack of paper on the paper input tray of the printer, ensure that there are no folds, curls, dent, dust, or any deformity in the paper. Make sure they lie flat and neatly on the paper tray.
  • A mismatch of the actual size of the paper in the paper input tray and size of the paper in the print command can make the printing stop. So ensure both the fed size and the actual paper size, are same.
  • If you see paper has got stuck in the paper input tray, then don’t panic. You just need to gently and slowly pull the paper out while holding the two corners of the paper which is outside the roller.
  • Keep the inner roller and printer carriage free from any bits of paper, packing material or dirt of any kind to keep paper jam errors away.

Quick fix 3:

Many errors can be resolved by a power cycle:

  • Switch off your printer.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Switch it back again.

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