Epson Printer Errors

How To Fix Epson Printer Technical Errors

Whenever you face any errors with your Epson printer, understand that the errors are displayed with the key words or code of the related problem. Now this code can be daunting for some to resolve. Don’t worry, this article is written to empower you on troubleshooting methods. In this article we will look into different kinds of coded errors and their respective solutions. Connect anytime Printer Support Number for help

Before we look into technical troubleshooting methods, lets us look at a few tips of marinating a good health of your printer.

Good Printer habits:

Following are some tips and suggestions that you should follow to maintain excellent printing performance out of your Epson Printer:

  • Your printer is designed to be used regularly. Therefore never leave your printer idle for weeks at a stretch. If you don’t have any material to be printed, in that case at least take a test print once a week which involves every color if you use colored ink cartridges. This is done to protect the nozzles of the cartridge from drying.
  • Never use an ink cartridge that is unprofessionally filled.
  • If your PC or laptop requires hi speed interface, it is advisable that you use hi speed USB cable which shouldn’t exceed 1m of length.

Let us troubleshoot the common printer error of Epson Printer:

Epson printers communicate the error with the help of flashing the lights on the printer’s control panel along with the error message. Follow the following guideline to resolve the common errors:

Solution 1:

When your Epson printer keeps the red light on the control panel constantly on and shows the error- ‘Paper out’, then you can resolve the error in the following ways:

  • This error means that there is no paper in the printer.
  • Therefore load some paper in the paper input tray.
  • Press the paper button on the control panel of your printer.
  • You can use the printer now.

Solution 2:

When you see a flashing red light (paper light) on the control panel that accompanies the error message- ‘Paper has jammed in the printer‘, then you can resolve the issue in the following ways:

  • Press the paper button to eject the jammed paper.
  • If you still see the error then you need to open the printer cover.
  • Inspect the area for any stuck paper, or any pieces of paper or any bits of packing material. Clean the area from any such bits and pieces.
  • Stack some fresh bundle of sheets into the paper input tray. Place them neatly.
  • Press the paper button and now your printing command should get resumed.

Solution 3:

When you see the red light (paper light) of the printer’s control panel- flashing, and it is displayed along with the ink droplet sign and an error message that says- ‘Ink low’; you can resolve the issue in the following manner:

  • This error means that the ink cartridge is exhausted.
  • You can check the specific details of the ink level of any particular cartridge or all of the four, by using EPSON Status Monitor.
  • You can attempt to reset the cartridges before you bin them.

Tip: When you decide to buy new cartridge check their expiry date

  • Make sure you remove the packing properly without leaving any packing material on the cartridge as it can result in paper jam or ink blockage.
  • Replace the old cartridge with new one and resume printing.

Solution 4:

When you see power light and the ink light on and the red (paper light) flashing which is displayed with the error message- ‘Carriage error’, then it means that the printhead of the printer is facing obstruction due to paper jam and therefore is not able to move. Follow these steps to resolve the matter:

  • Switch off the printer.
  • Clean all the bits of paper or any foreign material from the carriage and resume printing.

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