How do I get my HP Envy Printer Back Online?

How do I get my HP Envy Printer Back Online?

How To Get HP Envy Printer Offline To Online

Pinter’s status is offline even after several resets? Don’t worry, here’s how you can resolve the matter:

HP Envy Printer Back Online

  • First way is to go to ‘Printers’ by clicking on ‘Settings’ of your computer. Then right click on the printer you are using and select the option- ‘Use Printer Online.’
  • Sometimes a stuck print job can result in this error. To resolve it, go to ‘Printer Menu’ and select ‘Cancel All Documents’ to clear off all the print jobs. After this step your printer should come online.
  • Power cycle is also a way to resolve the error. You can do it by turning it off and then on.
  • Check all the USB cables, ports and cords between the router, computer and the printer.
  • Make sure you are using the latest printer drivers. To do so uninstall the current driver and then download and install a latest version from an authentic online source. Make sure you download the right version as per your printer model.

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