How do You Fix A Dried Out Ink Cartridge?

Ink Cartridge Dried Out Printer Issue

You use the printer occasionally and when you try to print something it shows the ink has got dried out? Well don’t worry; here is how you can solve the matter:

Fix Dried Out Ink Cartridge

  • The most common reason is not using the printer regularly which makes the cartridges get blocked up. Therefore the simple solution is to use the printer regularly, otherwise at least perform regular ink tests to ensure the nozzles of the cartridges are not blocked.
  • Get into the habit of regularly cleaning the cartridges and inspect for any ink spills or clots.
  • Do you know expired cartridges easily get dried up? Not only that, if used post the expiry date the ink cartridges can cause serious internal problems within your printer. Therefore always use ink cartridges that are well within their expiry dates.
  • Unprofessional refilling of the cartridges can lead to air getting trapped in the ink cartridges which can cause harm to your printer and ink gets dried up fairly quickly.

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