Can I Use A Printer Without Internet?

How To Connect Printer When No Internet Connection

Yes, of course you can use your printer without internet. See, the point of Wi-Fi enabled printers is to use router or any WLAN access point as a means of communication between the computer and your printer without wires. But in case you don’t have access to the internet, you can still very well take print outs.

Let us look at the ways of doing so:

• Till the time the document or the image or anything that you wish to print is on the hard disk of your computer or phone or laptop- you can very well take a print out with your printer.
• On the toolbar, locate for the option of ‘File’ and click on it.
• Now from the drop down menu click on ‘Print.’
• In the dialogue box that appears, select the name of your printer. (It is usually displayed along with the model number of your printer.)
• Adjust the settings of your document to be printed and click ‘Print.’

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