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Solve Ricoh Printer Print Problem

Ricoh printers are of the Japanese make and are one of the finest printers available in the market. However superior quality it may be, it’s ultimately machinery any like any other machinery even a printer can falter at any point of time leaving one in a fix.

However the best part with Ricoh printers is that most of its errors are identified errors which are codified in alphanumeric codes that enable us to understand exactly which part of the printer has faltered. In this article we’ll try to analyse various situations where in the printing would not start and the possible solution to it.

Causes Solution
Power off The printing will not begin if your printer is in power off mode. Check if the power cables have been securely plugged in and the switch has been turned on.
Machine in offline mode If the machine is in offline mode then it will not be able to receive the signals from the computer and hence the print job will not commence. Press the online button on the printer.
Error message displayed on the control panel The possible error message is displayed on the control panel of the printer. Try to address the message to begin the printing.
Interface cable not connected properly IF the interface cable is not connected properly then the printing would not commence. Make sure that the interface cable is connected properly. If there is a fastener then make sure that it has been fitted tightly and securely.
Improper interface cable user. The type of interface cable that needs to be used depends upon the type of computer. Besides if the interface cable has been worn out or damaged then it might not be able to give a secured connection and need to be replaced.
Connecting to the interface cable after turning on the machine The interface cable needs to be attached before turning on the machine. So if it is connected after turning on then it might not be able to establish a secured connection. Switch off the machine, attach the interface cable and restart.
Weak signals on wireless network If the network is established wirelessly, then the signals must be strong to begin the printing. Try moving the printer near the router where the signals are strong to begin printing.
SSID settings incorrect of the wireless network. Check the machine’s display panel and make sure that the SSID has been correctly set.
Access points preventing communication Check for the access points settings with the infrastructure mode. Depending upon the access point the client might be limited by the address.
Wireless LAN interface not working Confirm that the orange light is ON on the machine and the green LED light is lit or is blinking during the transmission.
Correct communication mode is not set. Switch the power OFF and again ON. Enter the system settings and select wireless LAN under User Interface. Now set the security mode to OFF  And set the same values on the SSID.

The aforesaid are all the possible causes for the error printing. If the printing does not commence even after addressing all the aforesaid causes and error is still not resolved then get in touch with our team on Ricoh Toll-Free Number Support Ricoh Printer . We have a pool of trained technical professionals who deal with the printers like no one else can.

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