What is a Print Head on a Printer?

Print Head Or Pinter Machine

Every inkjet printer, of all brands and sizes, has one common thing, and that is a print head. All inkjet printers and dot matrix computer printers have print heads.

Print Head on Printer

What are print heads?

Print heads are devices that have box like chambers that store ink and have tiny nozzles through which the ink sprays out while printing various types of media. Inkjet print heads help in letting the ink flow onto paper or other media in a controlled manner to produce the required image.

Types of main print heads

Though the purpose of print heads is same for all printers, however, print heads are different for different types of printers as different manufacturers produce print heads with different technology. Usually, there are 2 main types of print heads depending on the method used to spraying ink:

• Piezo: These print heads are presently used in Epson inkjet printers. Piezo print heads have a thin film layer which as a result of an electric charge causes the film to vibrate, forcing the ink from the nozzle onto the paper.
• Thermal: Presently used in Canon and HP inkjet printers. These print heads use both heat and liquid-based inks for printing. Ink gets heated and air bubble of ink vapor is formed which comes out through the print heads nozzle and on to the media.

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