Ricoh Printer Error Code SC 544-00

Error Code SC 544-00 Ricoh Printer

Ricoh printers are one of the finest quality printers available in the market. But ultimately a printer is a machine and like any other machine, even a Ricoh printer can falter at any point of time without giving prior notice. But the most important part is that most of the errors of the Ricoh printer have been identified codified in the alphanumeric codes enabling one to identify exactly which part of the printer has faltered causing the errors. In this article, we will try to resolve the error code SC 544-00.

The Ricoh printer Error Code SC 544-00 belongs to the 5 series error. Meaning thereby the problem is leading to the paper feed or fuser related. SC 544-00 relates to the fuser overheating. Read the guidance here to know how to resolve Ricoh printer error code SC 544-00.

How To Resolve The Ricoh Printer Error Sc 544-00?

Step 1: Reset the fuser

The power outage problem or the fluctuation in power can be resolved by a simple fuser reset. Follow the following procedure to reset the fuser

  1. First of all, identify the home button and the simple screen button.
  2. Hold both the buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  3. This will enable you to enter in the service mode of the Ricoh printer.
  4. Now select the USER TOOLS from the service mode and select your printer model.
  5. Go to the fuser reset error and reboot the machine. Wait for some time till the reboot is complete.

Step 2: Reset the printer.

After the fuser has been reset it is important to simple reset the printer in order to be able to incorporate the changes made. Follow the following steps to reset the printer.

  1. First of all turn the printer on and wait for it to sit silently.
  2. Now while the printer is still on remove the power cord from the back of the printer.
  3. Also, remove the power cable from the wall socket.
  4. Once done wait for at least 60 seconds.
  5. Now reconnect the power cable back to the printer as well as the wall socket.
  6. Switch on the printer and allow it to sit silently.

The aforesaid procedure should have resolved the error. If however the error still persists or you are facing any problem in carrying out the aforesaid procedure kindly feel free to contact us on Ricoh Toll-Free Number Support Ricoh Printer
to come in contact with our trained professionals to resolve your error in a hassle-free manner.

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