How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 50 And 5A

50 And 5A Error Code Brother Printer

Technology is a thing of joy but only till the time it does not create problems. The moment it starts misbehaving, we feel tortured and the situation becomes frustrating. Working with a Brother printer is a matter of pride as the name is known for its quality and efficiency. But sometimes even a Brother printer leaves us in a maddening situation. One such condition is when the Brother Printer error code 50 5A appear in front of us.

Causes 50 & 5A Error Brother Printer Machine

When a user tries to unplug the printer device and then again makes an effort to plug it back, there occurs an internal fuser issue. This appears in the form of error code 50. However, 5A is different from this and it usually appears because of defective drum unit problem. If you also find yourself in such a situation, we suggest some steps that you can try. These steps usually help to overcome such technical issues. So, be it error 50 or 5A, you should be ready to go without any further distraction.

Brother Printer Error Code 50 5A

Troubleshooting Brother Printer Error 50 And 5A

Effective solutions to fix Brother Printer error code are listed below:
Step 1: As a first step, you should switch off your printer and then again switch it on.

Step 2: You should remember to keep holding the ‘menu’ button. Make sure that you do this till the time all the LEDs start flashing on/off on your printer.

Step 3: Now is the time for you to press the numeric code ‘80’.

Step 4: To move ahead, you should click the ‘mono start’ button. Do this infinite number of times and you will get an option known as ‘purge: xxxx’.

Step 5: As you approach this step, press ‘2783’. This would enable you reset the purge counter and you would get to see ‘purge:0000’.

Step 6: In the end, you should press the ‘stop’ button. To move out of the ‘maintenance mode’, you should tap on ‘99’. This would provide you with an easy exit.

We strongly believe that the above given steps would make your printer experience better as you would be able to solve the problem at your end. However, if things do not move as desired, do not worry. We suggest you not to waste any more time and seek the advice of a technical expert who can help you manage the Brother printer error code 50 and 5A.

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