Why My Document is Not Printing?

Can’t Print Document Via Printer

When you find your printer unable to print any document, there can be several underlying issues that can cause this situation. Let us have a look at some reasons and their respective troubleshooting solutions to resolve the matter:

  • Check whether the ink in the ink cartridges is too low or it has got exhausted or not.
  • Does the size of the paper that you have fed to your printer matches with the size of the paper in the print command that you have given to the printer? The mismatch of the paper size can make the printer stop the print command.
  • Is the paper bundle lying on the paper input tray placed correctly?
  • Ensure that there is no paper jam in your printer. If you see a sheet of paper stuck in the rollers of your printer, hold the two corners of the sheet and slowly and gently pull it out.
  • Check the USB connections between the printer and your computer.

Troubleshooting MSWord , PDF Document Is Not Printing Text

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