How To Fix A Canon U150 Error

U150 Error Code Canon Printer

Life has become quite easy with all sophisticated devices available these days. We think of something and we get it done the next moment using these devices. However, these devices also bring along their set of problems. Be it a system or a printer, errors do happen. Sometimes these technical glitches occur at the most crucial times. We are sure that you must also have experienced such situations. Often, when you are in a hurry to take a printout and your Canon printer refuses to work, you feel frustrated and angry.

Canon U150 Error

Though Canon is a trustworthy name, errors happen even with these printers. A very common error with Canon printer is error U150. This error code indicates that your printer is unable to read the cartridges installed in the printer. This article is to give you an in-depth knowledge about why this error occurs and what can be done to resolve this without any technical support.

Causes of Canon U150 Error

No error is without any reason. For the Canon U150 error, one most common reason is the cartridge not fixed in a proper manner. This results in U150 error appearing on the printer. Another reason for this error is dirt. Many times dirt obstructs the gold contacts that are present on the front of a computer. Apart from this, an ink cartridge of a brand other than Canon also results in this error. Setting a low-quality print in the setting of the printer may also be responsible for this situation.

Troubleshooting Canon Printer Error U150

Few known steps that you can follow to resolve

To make the printer error free and resume work, you should try these steps:

Step 1: To start the process, first you should open the cover of the printer.

Step 2: Then, you should take out the cartridge and switch off the printer. For this, you should use the buttons available on the printer. Remember, not to switch off the printer at the plug.

Step 3: Now, you should place the cartridge that is meant for your printer. Please be sure that you put the right cartridge. You should check the label on the cartridge before placing it.

Step 4: You should also clean the contacts present on the front of the cartridge. For this, you should use a kitchen tissue.

Step 5: Now, you should switch on the printer by pressing the power button.

Step 6: As a final step, you should install the cartridge again making sure that the round is placed to the correct black/ color section of the cradle.

We believe that the above steps would solve your Canon Printer Issue. However, if the error still exists and is getting on to your nerves, don’t panic.

Customer Service

Be confident that we are there to handle the situation for you, we are always there for you. We are present 24×7 to help and support you. Feel free to call us any time of the day at Toll-Free Number Support Canon Printer Error and our technical experts would work towards resolving your issue at the earliest. Our customer service team is dedicated towards making your experience a satisfactory one.

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