Why My Document is Not Printing?

Unable To Print My Documents

There might be many reasons why your documents are not getting printed. Some of the issues are easy to troubleshoot. For instance the paper tray is empty.

Why My Document is Not Printing

However there may be issues that are beyond the printer: The issue may be related to:

Why Printer Can’t Printing My Documents

Devices connected to the printer

  • Check if the printer right model is selected in the computer settings.
  • Some devices require that the printers have Wi-Fi and AirPrint
  • Some old printers are not compatible with devices like mobiles and Iphones.

Settings of the documents to be printed

  • Sometimes the PDF document settings may prevent printing. So you have to change the settings.
  • In other cases the security setting of the User Id of computer may not allow printing. You will have to create a new User profile and install the printer device.

What if I am still unable to print the document?

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