Brother Printer Error After Replacing Toner

Brother Printer Error Post Toner Replacement

You have replaced the toner and are still getting Brother error? Don’t panic, we are here. You don’t need to run to any IT technician. This article will back you with troubleshooting methods that will help you sort out the error on your own. Yes, it looks daunting, but if you will follow the steps, you will realize that it very much straightforward to resolve the matter. So let us get started.

Brother Printer Error After Replacing Toner

Why Error Occurred After After Replacing Toner Brother Printer

Why you are getting this error even after you have replaced the toner:

Understanding the reasons will help you deal with the troubleshooting method intelligently. Also it will give you an insight on how to handle your Brother Printer for the future use. So without wasting any minute, let us look into reasons that cause this error:

  • Have you by mistake replaced a different consumable in your printer?
  • Are you using an old toner cartridge? Does it have low ink levels?
  • Are you using fake ink cartridges in your Brother Printer?
  • Are the toner cartridges installed correctly?
  • Are you using latest version of firmware?
  • Are the corona wires of your printer clean?

How To Troubleshoot Brother Printer Errors On Changing Toner

Let us jump into troubleshooting methods to resolve the error:

Below you will find a few troubleshooting methods that will help you resolve the matter. Please make sure you follow the steps in the exact order as mentioned below:

Quick Fix 1:

Yes, you have replaced the toner cartridge, and are still getting the error message; but are you sure you have replaced the right consumable?

  • Your printer has separate consumables:
  1. The drum unit
  2. The toner cartridge.
  • Please verify that you have replaced the toner cartridge and not the drum unit.

Quick Fix 2:

As another step please make sure that you are using a new Brother Toner cartridge. It is necessary to resolve the error because:

  • Partially used toner cartridges can make your printer still show the same error.
  • DO NOT use a toner cartridge from another machine, as your Brother printer will not be able to read the toner consumption and therefore it will affect the print quality of your printing experience.

Tip: When you open a new toner cartridge, make sure you install it into your printer ASAP to prevent it from drying out.

Quick Fix 3:

  • Are you using the latest version of firmware? It is important to use the latest firmware for an error free printing experience.
  • You can easily download it from the official website of Brother company.

Quick Fix 4:

Using genuine ink cartridges is another important determining factor. It is important because:

  • Genuine ink cartridges are designed to fit the internal needs of your printer such as- transferring the ink at the right temperature, it physically fits perfectly into your printer’s vents etc.
  • If you still plan to use a third party’s ink cartridge, you are risking the print quality of your machine, as well as the life of your printer.

Quick Fix 5:

Please ensure that the ink cartridges are installed correctly.

  • When you install an ink cartridge, you will see the green lever gets lifted. This is a sign of a proper installation of the toner cartridge.

Quick Fix 6:

You can also try cleaning the corona wires of your printer to resolve the Brother Printer Error.

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