Why is The Printer Printing Blurry?

Printer Blurry Printing Problem

The ultimate worth of a printer is decided by the quality of the prints. If you require the printout only for the correction purpose then it is OK if the printing quality is not good. However if you have to use the printout for official communication then the printing quality has to be good.

Why is The Printer Printing Blurry

There are some basic reasons for the printer printing blurry

  • The resolution of the picture you are printing might be less.
  • You might have enlarged a small image.
  • The ink might be low or dry.
  • The paper quality is not as per the recommendations on the manual of the printer.
  • If the paper to print is custom made (too small or too large) the check the manual to find out how the paper has to fed into the printer.
  • The nozzle might not be operating properly.
  • The printer head might require cleaning.
  • The printer driver may have to update with the latest software online.

What to do if the printing is still blurry?

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