HP Printer Error 60.3

HP Printer Error 60.3

HP printer error 60.3 is a Tray 3 lifting error. Whenever the Tray 3 lifter motor malfunctions HP printer 60.3 error is encountered wit h a loud bang and thump sound.

HP Printer Error 60.3

HP Printer Error Code 60.3 Causes


Reasons due to which Error 60.3 occurs are described below:

  • Error might occur when the user is trying to lift the tray which is marked with a X sign
  • A problem has occurred with the tray or the lifter of your printer
  • The size of the paper is incorrect. A user might have loaded letter (paper size) in the printer tray whereas the settings read “manually set to legal”. This would cause the papers or letters to stuck and block the paper tray
  • The Motor Spring might be damaged or moved making the manual paper lifter malfunction
  • The paper tray is broken and needs to be replaced.

How To Solve HP Printer Error Code 60.3?


Following are the solutions to the above mentioned problems:

  • Start troubleshooting by checking the size of the paper loaded. It should mach with the printer settings. Next, look for any paper waste or debris stuck in the tray, if so remove and clean it immediately
  • Open up the printer tray and try removing the jammed paper. Next, remove the remove the bit and pieces of torn papers stuck inside the tray from the guides. Replace the papers in the tray and restart your printer
  • Ensure whether the Tray-3 paper-surface sensor I working properly by performing a manual sensor test.
  • Try reconnecting the connector for DC controller PCA and cassette lifter motor. If required try changing the lifter driver unit.

Solution for 500-sheet feeder

  • Remove the 500-sheet feeder right-side cover
  • Unplug the lifter driver harness connector from the assembly PCA and disconnect the tension spring
  • Pull the tray lifter-drive assembly out towards the right-side of the chassis until its pivot shaft clears the tray guide. Rotate the lifter-drive assembly up and out of the chassis to remove it

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