How Do I Run a Cleaning Cycle on My Printer?

Running Cleaning Cycle Printer Machine

If you have been using a printer for a while, you would know that printers accumulate all kinds of dirt and dust over a period of time. This not only affects the quality of print, but also the printer’s life as well. Hence, it’s important to clean your printer regularly to make sure it operates perfectly. You can also avoid quality issues while printing, for example, smears or streaks in the printouts, which can look very ugly and send a less-than professional message to others. Unfortunately, some of us may not know how to clean the printer. In this article, we explain how to clean your printer quickly and easily.

Run Cleaning Cycle on Printer

Note: Avoid cleaning the printer unnecessarily as the process uses ink.

Clean Printer Printhead

How to clean the printhead?

You may use any one of the steps to perform the printhead-cleaning tool. The process might take couple of minutes to complete.

Step 1: Clean your printer from the control panel

  • Insert a plain paper into the main input tray. (A4, or an unused whitepaper can be used)
  • Long hold the power button
  • Tab Cancel button twice. Click on Resume button.
  • Then release the power button

Step 2: Use HP Solution Center tools to clean the printhead

You may run printhead-cleaning tool from HP Solution Center. This software component is shipped along with your product, making cleaning your printer a walk in the park.

Carefully follow the steps mentioned below to successfully clean the printhead:

  • Go to HP Solution Center
  1. Windows Vista: Click the windows icon(), then tab All Programs, click HP, and then tab HP Solution Center
  2. Windows XP: Click Start, then All Programs, tab HP, and then tab HP Solution Center.

A new window will pop up on your screen.

  • Click on Settings, now tab Printer Toolbox. Printer Toolbox opens on your screen.
  • Select the Device Services option. Now, tab Clean printheads.
  • Select Clean to run the cleaning. Now, follow the instructions that you see on your screen to finish the process. A test page will be printed after completing this process.

Figure 1: Example of a test page.

  • You may disregard or shred the test page.

Cleaning helps you to save power; get better print outs, and keep things classy. This helps avoid reprinting due to loss of quality and helps in reducing paper wastage helping you become environmental friendly. After all, nobody likes someone who is constantly reprinting pages just because the quality of the prints was bad.

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