How Do I Align My Epson Printer?

Align Text Epson Printer

If you have recently purchased an Epson printer, ensure that you align it before you start taking prints. Aligning your newly purchased Epson printer is important to ensure that your printouts are of high quality. If you don’t align your printer, it results in low quality prints, blurry streaks, or even dark or light shades across the prints.

Align Epson Printer

In this article, we have explained the procedures to align your Espon printer. In case of any doubts, feel free to call HP Printer technical support number for professional advice.

Now let us go through the step by step procedure to align your printer. You may align your Epson printer in two ways, using the control panel option or your software.

Align using Control Panel

  1. Place couple of unused plain papers in to the tray (A4 sized white papers recommended)
  2. Click Home, then click Setup, now press OK.
  3. Click Maintenance, and then press OK.
  4. Select Head Alignment and click OK
  5. Press the Start button.
  6. Once you click on Start, the alignment sheet prints.
  7. Ensure to check the pattern of the alignment which was printed. Now, choose the least visible vertical lines prints from each set.
  8. Click #1 on the screen, choose the number of the best alignment pattern and select Ok
  9. Repeat the same for the other patters as well. Be sure to print another alignment sheet to check when you are done.
  10. Click OK once you finish.

Note: Never use colored or used paper for the alignment of your Epson printer. Always use plain unused white sheets.

In case of patterns not being aligned, you may select the closest one.

Alignment using a computer

Place some unused or white papers on the tray.


  1. Bring the cursor of the mouse to the Printer icon and right click on the bottom right corner. You can locate the print icon on your task bar.
  2. Now click on Print Head Alignment.

Mac users

  1. Go to Applications folder, now click on EPSON Printer Utility 3, and choose Artisan 710 Series, and select OK. Select Print Alignment.
  2. A new window will appear on your screen. Follow the instructions to print the alignment sheet.

Sample On-screen figure

Note: Be sure not to click the stop/clear Settings option to cancel the process.

Things to bear in mind

  • Make sure that you verify the alignment pattern of what is being printed.
  • Choose the pattern in each set that has the least visible vertical lines.
  • Assign a number for the best pattern in each set.
  • If patterns are not aligned, find the closest one and click on Realignment. Print one more alignment sheet and check if it’s done.
  • Click Finish once you are done.

It’s important that your printer is aligned perfectly before you use it. This helps in reduction of paper wastage. In turn you are contributing for a better environment. We see more businesses and employees printing unnecessarily, even as we hurtle towards a paperless environment. Considering how damaged our eco-system is, and how quickly deforestation is taking place, printing unnecessarily should fill you with guilt and remorse.

You can avoid printing unnecessarily by aligning your printer when required, and making sure that you care for it regularly. A printer that is well taken care of works surprisingly well, and makes sure that you do not have to print sheets of paper again and again. Inculcate the habit of printing less, and caring for the printer at work, and educate your staff about alignment, so that they know what to do when printer alignment needs to be implemented.

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