HP Error 60.2

HP Printer Error 60.2

Sometimes you encounter problems with your printer. Most of these problems are either the printer is offline or there’s some system error or some unknown errors. Most of these printer errors can be solved easily. One of the most commonly faced errors is HP Error 60.2. “It is a Tray 2 Lift Error”; meaning the paper tray is not installed properly.

HP Printer Error Code 60.2 Causes

Causes of HP error 60.2

HP Error 60.2

HP error 60.2 as mentioned earlier is a “Paper Tray” error. It occurs whenever the tray is not working properly. If the tray is not installed properly the paper sensor will not activate in the specified time causing a harsh sound and finally resulting in an error.

With improper installation of the tray, whenever you try to add the paper the bottom sheet will always get stuck between the tray and papers inside the tray, causing the tray to bind.

How To Troubleshoot HP Printer Error Code 60.2?


Reinstallation – The first and the foremost thing is to remove the paper from the tray and insert the tray again. The tray might lift and generate a give “a paper out message”, in such case, try aligning the back paper with the indicator for the letter. Now reinstall paper and start again.
Tray Lift Motor – Even after reinstalling the paper, if you are getting HP error 60.2, then try checking the tray lift motor by removing cover from the right side.

Check for the spring attached to a metal frame on top of the motor. This spring should not be broken, cause if this spring is damaged the motor assembly will not be able to engage the gear. The solution to this is to remove the fold the broken spring and reinstall spring. Otherwise you need to buy new spring and motor and reinstall them. Changing the tray or motor or spring is a easy task

LaserJet – If you are using a color LaserJet, and getting HP Error 60.2, firstly ensure that your printer is kept on a flat surface. If the printer is not flat surface the tray does not lift properly causing the error
Replace the paper tray – Another solution to HP Printer Error 60.2 is to add a new type of paper tray. This new type of paper tray will reduce the tray motion with the help of the ribs on the right side. The gear provided with this new type improves the contact between the lift drive and the tray
Remove paper tray – Remove the paper tray and move the left drive assembly.

Move the drive slowly side by side. Next, check for the motor mount while the left drive is sliding back and forth. Ensure that the left drive is at an angle of 90O and should bent correctly

Even after applying the above mentioned solution you are still facing Hp Error 60.2 try doing these small solutions:

  • Turn off and try rebooting your printer
  • Ensure that your tray lifter harness is well mounted in the DC Controller PCA
  • Try re-installing the drivers for tray lifter
  • Try replacing the DC Controller PCA

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