Dell Printer Common Error Codes

Error Usually Face Dell Printer Users

It is great to have a handy guide to troubleshoot the Dell Printer Common Error Codes. Not only does it empower you with great troubleshooting ways, it also saves you a lot of time and money that you may waste in reaching out for a professional help otherwise. It also provides you a good insight on handling your printer in a better way for the future use.

This article aims to give you a general brush up about the troubleshooting ways on ‘Dell Printer Common Error Codes.’ So without wasting more time, let’s get started!

Causes of Dell Printer Common Error Codes

There are of course reasons that cause the printer errors. And once you understand them, you can prevent the printer from encountering them in the first place. So let us look at the common reasons that lead you to printer errors:

  • If you are using old firmware version on your printer, you may end up with printer errors.
  • If you don’t feed paper to your printer in a proper alignment, and method, it may give you printer errors.
  • Dell printer errors can also occur if you don’t use genuine Dell ink cartridges, or use an expired one, or get them unprofessionally refilled.
  • Sometimes due to bad cable and cords connection between the printer and the computer, you may end up with printer errors.
  • If you don’t use the latest version of printer driver, it may result in printer errors.

There are several other reasons too, that can lead to the common Dell Printer errors. But instead of going in each one of them, we should look at the troubleshooting methods that can resolve majority of the errors.

Let us fix ‘Dell Printer Common Error Codes.’

In this section you will see a few solutions that can resolve the common Dell Printer Errors:

Quick Fix 1:

The first solution is to perform a simple power cycle on your printer:

  • Switch off your printer
  • Remove all the USB cables.
  • Remove the power cord.
  • Give your printer a rest time to cool off.
  • After the wait, reconnect all the USB cables.

Note: Please reconnect the power cord into the wall outlet directly and not into any power surge.

  • Switch the printer on.
  • Give your printer a little while to initialize its internal functions before you start to use it.

Quick Fix 2:

Here is a solution for the Font error in your Dell Printer:

  • When the font error is displayed on the LCD of your screen, please press ‘Continue’ button to erase the error.
  • Resume printing the previous command.
  • Please make sure that you use another printer driver other than the one which you used before.

Quick Fix 3:

Keep in mind the following points to avoid paper-jam errors in your printer:

  • Every time you feed paper to your printer, make sure you place it in portrait alignment, regardless of the print command.
  • Fan the bundle of paper to remove any dust, dirt, or presence of any foreign material.
  • The paper bundle should always lay flat on the tray and in a neat stack.
  • Keep the internal parts of the printer clear of any paper bits, scrapes, foreign material such as packing paper etc.

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