Brother Printer Error Message

Brother Printer Warning Errors on Windows 7,8 ,10

Brother printers are known for their excellent printer performance. Yet there are days when they face errors. These errors usually are caused due to some internal issues inside the machine or the external reasons that causes hindrance in your printer’s performance. You don’t always need to run to the printer’s manufacturers for help, as most of the errors can be resolved by simple DIY troubleshooting methods.

Brother Printer Error Message

In this article, we will discuss a few common Brother Printer errors, their reasons and their troubleshooting ways. So lets’ begin!

Errors Causes & Reason Brother Printer

Reasons that causes errors:

Your printer can face errors due to several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Printer’s fuser temperature problems.
  • Paper jam is another reason behind common errors.
  • Faulty internal fans can cause errors in your printer.
  • Wear and tear of paper pick up rollers and separation pads or the laser unit.
  • When the ‘Waste Toner Box’ gets filled up, it can result in printer error.
  • Any kind of dirt in the drum unit can also result in printer errors.

How To Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code

How to quickly fix the common Brother Printer errors?

Let us look into ways you can deal with the common errors of Brother Printer. Following are some solutions. Please make sure you follow the instructions of the solutions in the order as mentioned.

Quick Fix 1:

As a thumb rule, you can consider power cycling your printer as a one stop solution that can resolve many of your printer errors. Let us look at how you can power cycle your printer:

  • Switch off your printer.
  • Give your printer a little while so that it can cool off and settle its internal functions.
  • After waiting, switch on your printer.

Quick Fix 2:

Another solution to fix most of the common printer errors is to reset your Brother printer. Please follow the below mentioned instructions to reset your printer:

  • First of all, make sure that your printer is switch on.
  • Also check that the printer is not in the sleep mode. If it is then wake it up by pressing any key.
  • Locate the power cord of your printer. (It can be found on the back of your printer.)
  • While your printer is still on, disconnect the power cord from the back of your printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet too.
  • Press and hold the power button of the printer to release any remaining charge.
  • Now wait for at least a minute or two to allow the internal parts of your printer to cool down.
  • After the wait, plug in the power cord into the rear of your printer.
  • Connect the other end of the power cord into a wall outlet.

Note: Make sure you connect your printer directly to a wall outlet, and not to any surge plug.

  • Press the power button of the printer to start the printer.
  • Wait for a while to allow your printer to initialize its internal functions properly.

Quick Fix 3:

Other tips to keep your printer error free are:

  • Always keep the drum and printer carriage of your printer dirt free.
  • Use genuine ink cartridges.
  • Keep your printer clean from any paper bits, any foreign material or paper jams.

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