Why Printer Status is Paused?

Why Printer Status Is Showing Paused?

Amidst a print job all of a sudden you get an error message saying that the printer has been paused; annoying right? Well, let us look at the reasons and the troubleshooting methods to resolve this error:

  • As a first step, please make sure your printer is powered on. This can happen if the printer has stayed inactive for a long time and therefore has gone into sleep mode. Therefore press any key to wake up the machine and resume your printing work.
  • Sometimes due to faulty wall outlet, the printer can appear to be connected to the electricity, but it isn’t in reality. So check the plugs.
  • Ensure that your printer is set as ‘Default Printer’ on your PC.
  • Are too many print jobs queuing the printing process? Always give only those many print jobs to the printer that it can handle.
  • Check your printer’s status. If it is offline, it can cause your print jobs to get paused.

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