Why is My Printer Not Responding?

No Response From Printer Machine

The printer is not responding is an error message that generally appears when you are trying to print on a wireless environment. The various possible causes for the Printer not responding are as under:

Printer Not Responding

  • The computer and the router have lost connection. Try restarting the PC. The issue gets resolved generally by a simple restart.
  • The signal is weak. Moving the printer nearer to the router might resolve the error.
  • The router and the printer might not be communicating. Restart both printers as well as the router to restore the connection.
  • The firewall settings are such that might be blocking the printer to communicate with the PC. Changing the firewall setting might resolve the problem.
  • If there are multiple networks nearby then there are chances that the printer might get confused and select an inaccurate access point. Make sure that the correct access point is selected so that the printer can print.

Solve Printer Stooped Respond Windows 7, 8 10

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