Why is My Brother Printer Paused?

Brother Printer Printing Pause Problem

There can be a number of reasons for the Brother Printer being paused. Some of the reasons are easy to detect and resolve. Just a little common sense is required to rectify the issue.

Brother Printer Paused

Use the following checklist to find out the reason for the printer being paused:

Printing Paused Causes

Pause Printing

Most likely the option on the printer to pause the printing procedure ‘pause printing’ is active. Check in the MENU if the checkmark is on PAUSE PRINTING. If yes the then remove the check mark.

Printer Offline

Check on the menu for the printer option. And click on brother printer. Check mark on the option – ‘Use Printer Offline’.

Toggle Option

On a Microsoft Windows Computer there will is an option to toggle from Online printing to offline printing.

Power On

May be printer is now switched off. So power On the printer. In such a situation the screen of screen will appear blank.

Ink and Toner

Such error can also happen if the ink or the toner is empty. Therefore ensure that there is ink in the cartridge.

Paper Jam

Sometimes many people are using the same printer and someone suspended printing in between. In another case you might be the only one using the printer, and had faced paper jam during previous printing and forgot about it. Hence check if there is paper jam.

What if the issue still not resolved

The above issues are some of the basic reasons for the printer pause. In case the printer is still on the pause mode, call an expert our experts to resolve the issue. Call today Technical Support For Printer

The Scope of services

  • Our Printer Support services are provided round the clock
  • Our dedicated experts can detect and resolve the issue within a short period of time.

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