Why Does The Printer Print Blank Pages?

Printer Printing Blank Pages Problem

It is frustrating when you try to take an important printout and your printer gives you a blank page. You feel irritated. Here are some reasons behind this problem.

Printer Print Blank Pages

Causes Why Blank Pages Come Out From Printer

No Ink in the Cartridge

Check the cartridge. It is possible that either the ink is completely over or it is very low. In both the cases, replace the cartridge.

Cartridge not Properly Placed

The cartridge is not properly placed in the printer. Just remove the cartridge and install it again.

Incorrect Paper Size

Check the paper size selected on your printer. It is possible that you have changed it by mistake and the printer is getting confused because of this. Correct this by working on the print setting option.

Document has Blank Pages

If you are working on a long document, there could be some blank pages in between. Check the document.

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