Why Does My Printer Not Print?

Printer Not Able To Print

There could be various reasons why a printer does not print. The probable reasons why the printer doesn’t print have been listed down here:

Printer Not Print

  • First of all check if the printer light is blinking or any there is any error message displayed on the panel. If yes then that is the reason for your printer not printing.
  • Make sure that there is enough paper in the paper tray and the tray has been placed properly.
  • Check for paper jams. If there is a paper jam then the printer cannot take in new paper and hence cannot print.
  • Check the ink cartridge and the toner. If the toner or the cartridge is empty then obviously it cannot print.
  • Check the cable connection and the network connection as well. If the printer is wirelessly connected then try using a cable instead to verify if there is some network issue.
  • Check is you have selected the correct printer. Many times it happens that multiple printers are installed on the PC and the printer that is selected might not be the printer you are planning to give print on.

Check for all the aforesaid basic reasons due to which the printer might not print. If however there is none of the aforesaid evident reasons and still your printer is not printing then call us on our Toll Free Number Technical Support For Printer . We are a pool of Printer Technicians who strive to resolve all your printer related queries.

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