Why Does My Printer Miss Out Lines?

Printer Keeps Missing Out Lines

If you are getting improper printouts, if your printer is missing out lines, or if there any other similar issues, you need to check for certain things in your printer. There are many reasons for these issues.

Printer Miss Out Lines

Clogged Cartridge – If the printer is not used on a regular basis or if it is left unused for a long time, the cartridge ink dries out. This results in missing lines or voids within the text. To rectify this, try the printhead cleaning routine from the control software installed on your computer.
Printlead Alignment – Check the printhead alignment. A wrong alignment of the printhead is many times responsible for missing lines. If there is any issue with the alignment, try using the printer’s built-in alignment routine.
Dirty LEDs – If t here is any kind of dust on the printer, output is bound to suffer. Wipe the printhead with a clean, lint-free cloth.
Driver Issue – There can be an issue with the printer driver. Just download the latest driver for your printer, install it and check.

Solve Printer Not Printing Every Line

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