What is Instant Ink Printer?

All About Instant Ink Printer

Hp has launched a smart idea that enables its users to never run out of ink, in order to support a smooth and an efficient printing experience. The concept is based on very simple points that are mentioned below:

The big idea:

  • The user can enjoy ‘ink subscription’ on a monthly basis.
  • Hp wirelessly monitors the ink levels in the compatible printers.
  • Before the ink runs out, the user is backed up with new ink cartridges.
  • As a user you can choose monthly plans based on your printing needs such as fifty pages per month or hundred pages a month.
  • Not only this, in case you are not able to use the number of prints as per the monthly plan, the remaining number of pages is rolled over to the next month.

Compatible Instant Ink Printer Available

Instant ink compatible printers:

  • Hp AMP printers.
  • Hp DeskJet 2600, 2630, 3630, 3720 and 3750 series.
  • Most hp Envy series printer models support instant ink.
  • Most Hp Office jet series printer models support instant ink.

The Scope of Service:

If you need any further assistance, you can reach us at:

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