What is Alignment on a Printer?

How To Do Printer Alignment

Printers are usually user friendly and easy to maintain. However, if your printer ink doesn’t line up correctly on what you print, it means that your printer is not aligning properly. This could lead to disorderly-looking text or “alignment failed” message. The images or text printed can print in a weird angle or it may not print the text at all. All this can cause major embarrassment when your client or boss is around. Most importantly, you will end up wasting a lot of paper trying to print properly aligned sheets. In this article, let us take a look at what causes misalignment and how to avoid this situation.

Alignment on Printer

Why Printer Misalign

Reasons for misalignment

If there is a large print job, your printer can be misaligned once it was done. Additionally, if there is any paper stuck, if you have been using low quality cartridges, or if the cartridges installation is not proper, misalignment can occur. Clogged or dirty cartridges can also be the reasons for misalignment.

Now, let us take a look at how to align your printer for a better user experience. Follow the below mentioned instructions to align your printer, and watch with joy when you print those sheets with beautifully set typography:

How To Fix Alignment Issue Printer

Step 1

Press the power button on your printer. Place a white paper on the input tray.

Step 2

Hover your mouse to the Start button on your computer screen. Click on the Menu bar and select All Programs. This will show the list of programs that are installed. From the list, highlight the HP folder. Tab “HP Solution Center” and let the program load.

Step 3

Select the “Printer Settings” option and then the “Printer Toolbox” from printer settings.

Step 4

Select “Device Settings” option to show the options to service the unit. Select “Align the print cartridges” and press OK.

Step 5

Now, you need to wait for the printer to print a cartridge alignment sheet. Once it is done, wait until “ON” stops flashing and goes stable. Once the “ON” light is steady, the alignment process is complete and your printer is ready to use.

Note: Ensure that the printer is connected to the computer to perform the alignment setup.

Issues that you may face

  • Check if there are any papers stuck in the printer. This can result in cartridges being improperly aligned. Ensure that you remove all the stuck papers to resolve it.
  • Usage of dirty and clogged print cartridges can cause streaking and blotting. This can result in misalignment. Hence, replace them with new ones.
  • Ensure that use your manufacturer’s cartridges in the printer than a third party product. Third party cartridges may not fit correctly in to the holder. Hence make sure to replace them with the original manufacturer supplied ones.

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