What Does Head Cleaning Do on a Printer?

Cleaning Printer Print Head

A printer can always create problems. Sometimes the printouts are faded while sometimes there is excessive ink on the paper. However, cleaning the printer head can resolve many such issues. Let us understand how to go about it.

Head Cleaning Do on Printer

  1. If your printer has a printhead that can be removed, you should first take it out and then flush it under lot of hot water. Let the water flow gently till the time you feel that all ink is out and the water has become clean.
  2. If there is no provision of removing the printhead of your printer, then you should open the printer and let it come to rest position.
  3. Now, bring the power chord out. Take the blotting paper and rub it against the printhead. This way the printhead’s outer surface will be cleaned. Repeat this on all sides of the printhead carriage using the blotting paper. If you see any blocked nozzles, you can also add some solution to clean them. Let it remain there for some time.
  4. In the end, you can put the cartridge back and checkif the head has been cleaned.

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