What Causes Black Lines on Paper When Printing?

What Causes Black Lines on Paper When Printing?

Black Lines On Paper While Printing

When taking printouts, black lines on paper is a very common problem. It ruins the entire document and hinders the work. Printers do show this issue over time because of many reasons. Let us look at some of these and also try some ways to correct this without the help of any technical expert.

Black Lines on Paper When Printing

Printer glass – Check the glass lid of the printer. Any dirt on it will result in black lines on paper. Clean it with a lint-free cloth, dry the glass completely and then place it back. Hopefully, black lines should disappear.

How To Resolve Black Lines Printing Problem

Reboot the printer- Try to reboot the printer. For this, switch on the printer, remove the cord from the back of the printer and unplug the cord from the outlet. Now, wait for some time. After this, connect the power cord properly and switch on the printer.
Empty or Improperly installed Cartridge- Another reason for black lines is used cartridge. Sometimes, installing the cartridge again works. However, if this doesn’t, replace the cartridge with a new full cartridge.
Printer Service- Occasionally, servicing the printer is all that is required.

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