HP Printer Error 9923

9923 Error Code HP Printer

HP printers aim to serve excellent printing and scanning services to both Windows and Mac users alike. That’s why they are found in homes, schools, libraries, offices, and so on. How easy they have made it for us to bring our ideas to tangible reality!

Yet there are times when due to some external or internal issues these efficient printers stop functioning. The reasons can be many such as internal mechanical issues, environmental factors, gradual wear and tear, careless handling of the machine and so on. One such error is ‘hp printer error 9923.’ The questions like- ‘Why does this error occurs’ and ‘how to resolve HP Printer Error’, has been answered in this article. So without wasting any minute, let us get started!

HP Printer Error 9923

Why does your printer show ‘hp printer error 9923’?

It is very important to understand the reason behind this error. It will help you to troubleshoot the error at a deeper level. And in addition, it will also give you a good insight on taking a good care of your printer for the future usage. So let us start digging into the reasons here:

  • Sometimes Mac computers face issues if ‘IPv6’ is enabled in the printer.
  • Sometimes your printer requires a reset if ‘IPv6’ is already enabled in your printer.

Let us troubleshoot the error:

Now that you know the reasons, it will be much easier for you to aim a troubleshooting method for the exact problem area rather than doing a guess work. In this section you will get detailed steps on resolving the error, and in addition will get a tips on maintaining a good health of your printer. Just make sure you follow the steps in the right order as they are mentioned. Here we go!

Quick Fix 1:

The first step is to download the latest version of printer driver which is compatible to your macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mavericks computer. You can do so in the following ways:

Please Note: Before you connect your hp printer to your Mac computer, make sure you are using the latest software for your Mac computer. Although, printers that have ‘AirPrint’ technology, DO NOT require any additional software update.

  • You can easily find and download the latest software on the official hp website.
  • You will need your printer’s model number to look for the compatible software.
  • All you need to do is to follow the on screen step by step instructions to download the latest software.

Quick Fix 2:

The second step after installing the latest software is to fix the scanner on your computer. Here is how you can do it.

  • On your Mac device, on the top left hand side of the screen, you will find ‘Apple’ icon. Please click on it.
  • From the drop down menu click on ‘System Preference.’

Note: For the first time Mac users:

  1. You can also find it in the ‘Application’ folder of your Mac computer.
  2. Otherwise ‘System Preference’ can be accessed through the ‘Dock’ which can be located at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Third way to access ‘System Preference’ is by pressing ‘Cmd’ and ‘Space’ keys together and then start typing ‘System Preference.’
  • Now after opening ‘System Preference’, click on ‘Print & Scan’ option.
  • You will see a plus sign appears, please click on it.
  • In the drop down list you will see all the printers that are available on the network that you are using. Please select your desired printer.
  • Now click on ‘Use’ or ‘Print Using’ and you will see another drop down menu appearing on your screen.
  • Now please click on ‘Select Printer Software.’
  • Please select the desired printer from the list.
  • Now the computer will ask you to confirm the chosen printer, click on ‘Ok’ to confirm it.
  • Add your desire printer.
  • Now try printing with configured print queue.
  • You can now use ‘hp Easy Scan’ for scanning your documents.

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