How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error Message

Error Code Message Warning in Ricoh Printer

Printer Error messages displays that microcode, host interface or any hardware issues that has been identified in a printer. It is possible sometimes, but not consistently, does it recuperate from these types of problems. In this write-up, we are going to explain the most typical printer devices error messages that show up on the device’s control panel as well as the necessary steps you need to perform to fix the errors.

Types Of Unknown Errors Ricoh Printer

Different Printer error messages and how to fix them are listed below:

1. System Error (XXX)

It is a mechanical mistake. Switch off the device off and afterward switch on. If the error message still appears, get in touch with the support team.

2. Ppr Misfd: BypssTray/Press Yes Key

Paper has obstructed in the BypssTray. Get rid of the blocked paper and also click on Yes.

3. Paper Misfeed: Tray1/Remove Paper

Paper has stuck in Tray 1. Eliminate the stuck paper and also click Yes option.

4. Paper Misfeed: Tray2/Remove Paper

This message appears If the paper is stuck in Tray 2. Remove the blocked paper and select Yes option.

5. Ppr Misfd: Guide Bd/Remove Paper

If the paper has blocked in the Guide Board, then this message will appear. Remove the stuck paper to eliminate the error message.

6. Ppr Misfd: Dup. Unit/Remove Paper

This error message appears if the paper is stuck in the duplex part. Get rid of the stuck paper, and the message will disappear.

7. Duplex Unit Reset/Not Set

This error message shows up if the duplex part of the printer has not installed incorrectly. Just reset the duplex element correctly to get rid of the message.

8. Guide Board Open/Close

Close the guide board if it is opened.

9. Close/Open Duplex Cover

The message comes up if the unit cover is open. To eliminate the message, close the unit cover.

10. Scanner Unit Open/Close Scanner Unit

If the scanner unit is open, close the scanner unit.

11. Collector Near Full

This message appears if the ink collector unit is full. Keep in hand a new ink unit to replace with the old one.

12. Replace InkCollct/ Ink Collector Full

Change the ink collector unit if it is full.

13. Replace Ink KCMY/ Ink KCMY Depleted

This message appears if the ink in the printer cartridge has finished. Replace the cartridge with the new one.

14. Ink Collector Not Set/Reset Collector

This error message appears if the ink collector unit is not adequately installed.

15. Memory Full

If the memory size of the printer is full, then the printer device would quit printing. Attempt to minimalize the number of copies and try to print again.

16. No KCMY Cartridge

This message shows up if the KCMY cartridge is not set up appropriately or no print cartridge is set up in any way. Attempt to install it appropriately.

17. PC: Low Ink (KCMY)/ PC: Ready

If the ink is low in the cartridge or it is changed, then this message appears.

18. Temp Alert: Wait

If the printer device becomes too cold or hot while start-up, then this message appears.

19. Load: Paper Mismatch/ Continue=Form Feed

This message appears if the required paper type or size is not loaded in the printer. To eliminate the error message, merely put suitable paper as per the required size, and then press the Head-Cleaning/ Form Feed key.

20. Right Front Cover Open/ Close Front Cover

Close the print cartridge cover or the close front cover if they are open.

21. Maintenance

The Ricoh printer is flushing or cleaning its print head. Leave the device for few seconds till the process completes.

22. Warning Out of Paper/Load Paper

The tray is out of paper. Reload the tray with papers.

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