How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error Code 91

91 Error Code Ricoh Printer

Ricoh printers are versatile printers that are designed to suit the household needs- to small and big offices’ needs to- print to pay environment. They provide high quality printing experience with very simple operations.

Ricoh Printer Error Code 91

Yet sometimes, due to our silly mistakes in operating and connecting the PC and the printer, or due to some external or internal mechanical reasons, these printers end up showing errors. It’s a way of your Ricoh printer to point at the underlying issue. One such error is ‘Ricoh Printer Error Code 91.’ Let us look into the troubleshooting methods for this error.

Causes 91 Error Ricoh Printer Machine

Let us first look at the reasons why in the first place you get this error:

  • This error is caused when the auto job function cancels the printing commands. This happens due to a command error.
  • Another reason behind the cropping of this error is when there is a mismatch between the printer’s settings and the printer driver’s settings. This can happen in when the Auto continue settings are enabled on your Ricoh printer.

Troubleshooting Ricoh Printer Error 91

Let’s look at troubleshooting methods:
Steps to fix Ricoh Printer error code 91 on Ricoh Printer:
Method 1:

The first step is to power cycle your printer. The power cycle helps in restoring the internal functions and allows your printer a chance to accommodate any new changes that you have made to the printer. Here are the steps with which you can power cycle your Ricoh Printer:

  • Before performing the power cycle, make sure your printer is switched on.

Tip: If the printer has stayed idle for too long, chances are that it has gone into sleep mode. On such an occasion, you should wake the machine up by pressing any button.

  • Now press and hold the power button of the printer until the printer gets switched off.
  • Give your Ricoh printer a little while for rest.
  • After the wait, press the power button again to turn the machine on again.
  • Give your printer a little time to properly initialize its internal functions before you start using it.

The above power cycle should help you to resolve the error. If the error still persist move on to the next step.

Method 2:

The next solution is to check whether the printing data is valid or not.

  • Make sure there are not too many print commands coming to your printer at once from various sources over a shared network.

Note: Make sure you are using the latest version of the printer software.

  • Also you should try deleting the print queue from the print spooler on your computer and give a fresh print command to see if the error resolves. You can do so by following the given steps:
  1. Click on ‘Start’ button or the ‘Windows’ icon on your computer.
  2. Open ‘Control Panel.’ You can either type ‘Control Panel’ or you can search for this folder in the drop down list.
  3. In the new window click on ‘Administrative Tools.’
  4. When the new window of ‘Administrative Tools’ opens, you need to double click on ‘Services.’
  5. A list will appear. From that list you should look for ‘Print Spooler.’
  6. Double click on the ‘Print Spooler.’
  7. You will get the option that says- ‘Stop.’ Please click on it to stop any previous print commands.
  8. It is recommended to delete all the previous print commands and place a fresh print command after clearing off the print spooler.

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