How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Symbols

Error Symbols In Lexmark Printer

Lexmark printer is a smart device which even seeks to guide you in the situation when the printer faces errors. These errors may appear to be daunting, but with an aware and some guided troubleshooting methods, you can resolve many of the common errors on your own. You really don’t need to rush to an IT technician and spend a lot of money and time.

In this article we will discuss some common Lexmark Printer Errors and their troubleshooting ways. So without wasting any time, let us gets started!

Reason Of Error Symbols Lexmark Printer Machine
Possible cause:

There can several errors that express themselves through the combination of lights present on the control panel of your printer.

First of all let see which lights stands for what here:

  • The light against an ‘exclamation mark’ is for ‘Error.’
  • The next to the exclamation mark symbol is for ‘Jam.’
  • The icon where you see a small drawing of a paper means to ‘Load Paper.’
  • The next symbol stands for ‘Toner.’
  • The tiny drawing of a bulb stand for your printer being ‘Ready.’
  • The button with a small triangle made on it stands for ‘Continue.’
  • And the red button with a cross made on it stands for ‘Stop.’

So with the combination of above lights your printer tries to communicate with you regarding the probable errors. In the next section of this article we will look into some common errors and their troubleshooting methods.

Troubleshooting of Lexmark Printer Error Symbols:

Here are some solutions to the common Lexmark Printer errors along with their solutions. Please make sure that you follow the instructions in the order as they are mentioned here. So let us get started!

Quick fix 1:

When you see Error light, Jam light, Load paper light, Toner light, Continue light blinking and the ‘Ready’ light and the ‘stop’ light as off, here is what you can do to get your printer back to the normal functioning:

  • Press the power button of the printer to switch it off.
  • Remove all the USB cables and the cords from it.
  • Disconnect your printer from the computer too.
  • Now wait for a little while.
  • Connect all the USB cables and the cords back into the printer.
  • Please connect the power cord straight into the wall outlet.
  • Switch on the printer.

The printer should get back to normal. If it doesn’t then you need to seek a professional help.

Quick fix 2:

When you see only the ‘Error’ light, the ‘Toner’ light, and the ‘Continue’ button light blinking on the control panel, and rest of the lights remain off then you need to:

  • You need to replace the photoconductor kit. It can be because of the gradual wear and tear or some fault in the photoconductor kit

Quick fix 3:

When you see the ‘Error’ light, and the ‘Toner’ light switched on and rest of the lights stay off, you need to do the following to resolve the matter:

  • You need to replace the toner cartridge in your printer.
  • There can be a secondary layered message behind this error signal. You can reach it by pressing the ‘Continue’ button twice quickly.

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