How to Fix Lexmark Error 26

Lexmark Printer Error Code 26

Each error code displayed on the LCD Lexmark Printer can be resolved with patience and troubleshooting methods, upon recognition of the core issue. Yes, you don’t always need to run to seek a professional help every time. You can resolve the common errors on your own and save money and time.

In this article we will be discussing ‘Lexmark Error 26’, and its troubleshooting methods. So let us get started!

Reason Of 26 Error Code Lexmark Printer

Possible cause:

It is important to first understand the reasons that cause this error in the first place. That way you become far more efficient in handling the issue in a deeper way. Also in addition, you get a better understanding on how to take care of your printer for the future usage. So let us look into the reasons here:

  • When your printer is unable to see or recognize the ‘Duplex’, you end up with this error message.
  • When the ‘tray’ of the printer is not recognized, it can lead to Lexmark printer error.
  • Also when the ‘Extra’ tray is not recognized, it can lead to this error.
  • Failure of communication between printer and the optional tray.
  • Faulty cable or circuit board can also result in this error.

Troubleshooting of Lexmark Error 26

Now that you have understood the reasons, you won’t be doing any guess work and will jump straight to the point of the issue. In this section you will find the solutions to this error. Please ensure that you follow the instructions in the given order.

Quick Fix 1:

The first solution to this issue is to print the ‘Menu Settings page/s. Please follow the steps:

  • Firstly make your printer is switched on.
  • Press the ‘menu’ button to enter the printer menu.
  • Now with the help of the ‘Down’ key, go to ‘Reports’ option and then select it.
  • In the new list of menu, again with the help of the ‘Down’ key go to ‘Menu Setting Page.’ Please select it.
  • The printer will print the menu setting page/s.
  • On the menu setting page/s please look for ‘Installed Features.’
  • Please make sure that all the installed paper feed options are listed under the ‘Installed Features’ category of the menu setting page/s.
  • If the paper feed options are listed then make sure that the duplex features are turned on in the printer’s ‘Finishing Menu.’ And that the duplex and tray options are configured correctly in the driver.

Quick Fix 2:

If the error still persists then please follow these steps:

  • You need to ensure the correct placing of the options. Please keep in mind the following points while installing the paper feed options:
  1. The duplex option should be just below the printer. Its correct position is just underneath the tray 1 but on top of the remaining trays and drawers.
  2. Your printer can support up to three additional 500 sheet drawer options. In case you wish to install a 200- sheets drawer, you would be allowed only one additional drawer option.
  3. Power-off the printer and place the paper feed options in the order as mentioned above.
  4. Switch on your printer after correctly placing the options and try to take out a test print.

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