How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error Code

Paper Jam Error Message Dell Printer

Dell Printers are smart printing devices. Yet they fall into the trap of errors due to certain careless treatment from the user side. In such situations too, these smart printers try to guide indicating you to the core of Dell Printer error.

One such error occurs when we don’t understand the importance of feeding the paper in the right way to the printer. This leads to the common paper jam errors in your Dell Printer. In this article we will be discussing the paper jam causes, troubleshooting methods and some good habits to maintain your printer. So let us begin!

Why Paper Jam Issue With Dell Printer ?

Good Printer Habits:

When it comes to feeding paper to your printer, there are a certain habits you should keep in mind:

  • Every time when you plan on feeding paper to the machine, always check the maximum limit of paper that you can place of the paper input tray. Exceeding the mark can result into errors.
  • Before you place the stack of paper on the paper input tray, always fan the paper bundle to look for any dirt, dust, deformity of the paper, folds or curls in the paper and so on.
  • Always feed the paper bundle in the portrait alignment.

Troubleshooting Dell Printer Paper Jam Error

Let us troubleshoot Dell Printer Paper Jam Error Code:
In this section you will find ways to troubleshoot 077-900 and 077-901 error codes.

Quick Fix 1:

  • Switch off your printer.
  • Remove the paper tray- E525w.
  • If you find any stuck paper in the MPF cavity, then gently pull the paper out of the printer.
  • Switch on your printer to see if the error has got resolved

Quick Fix 2:

If the paper jam still persists then please follow these steps:

  • Switch off your printer.
  • Remove all the USB cables and the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Push the rear cover of your printer to open it.
  • Locate the blue tabs on the each side behind the rear cover. Lift them up.

Based on the type of error i.e. 077-900 and 077-901, choose the troubleshooting method:

Fixing error code 077-901:

  • Hold the corners of the stuck paper firmly in your hand and start to pull it out of the printer. DO NOT haste it, as it may tear the paper and push you into deeper issue.

Warning: DO NOT touch the Transfer belt as it can result in lines on every print out you will take.

Fixing error code 077-900:

  • If you find any paper stuck in the rear of the printer, please carefully and slowly pull the paper in a downwards direction- away from the fuser.
  • Once the paper is not in contact with the fuser, remove it by lifting the paper in the upwards direction.

Warning: While clearing off the stuck paper from the fuser area, DO NOT touch the fuser at any cost.

  • You should closely check the printer’s output tray. Carefully clear off the paper jam.
  • Lower and shut the scanner unit
  • Lower the blue fuser pressure release tabs at the rear of the printer to their original position.
  • Close the rear cover.

Once you have removed all the jammed paper, plug the printer’s USB cables and the power cord.

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