How to Fix Dell Printer Insert Yellow Toner Error

Yellow Toner Insert Error Dell Printer

Errors in Dell printers can happen due to several factors. Thing like internal mechanical error, or the external factors that affect the machine, or the gradual wear and tear of the parts of your printer, or even the careless behavior from the user can lead to the common Dell printer Errors.

One such error is ‘Dell Printer Insert yellow toner Error.’ In this article we will be discussing the core factors that cause this issue in your printer, some tips that will help you maintain your printer for a long run, and of course the troubleshooting methods for the error. So let us get started!

Reason Yellow Toner Insertion Error Dell Printer

Possible cause:

Let us look into the reasons that cause Dell Printer Insert Yellow Toner Error:

  • This error can crop up when your printer reads that the cartridge is empty.
  • Sometimes when the tag reader of the cartridge goes bad, it can result in this error.
  • The third possibility is when the cartridge is actually exhausted.

Now that you have understood the reasons behind the error, you will find a sense of confidence in yourself about dealing with the precise issue, rather than to do the guess work around the error. Moreover, you will gain a good insight on taking a good care of your printer for the future use.

Troubleshooting of Dell Printer Insert yellow toner Error:

In this part of the article we will discuss the troubleshooting methods to resolve the error. All you need to do is to follow the instructions in the right order as they are mentioned in the solution. So let’s begin!

Quick Fix 1:

The first solution is to turn on the the Non-Dell software. This will disable the RFI tag reader and thus will help your printer to use the cartridge. Here is how you can do it:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Open the front door.
  • Take out the yellow cartridge.
  • Inspect the cartridge for:
  1. All the packing material and the seal have been completely removed.
  2. There should be no blocked nozzles. If so please clean it.
  3. The cartridge should not be empty. If so then please replace it with a new one.
  • Reseat the cartridge.
  • Close the front door of the printer.

Quick Fix 2:

If the error still persists then you need to run the Run ‘Toner Cartridge Detect Diagnostics.’ Follow these step by step instructions:

  • Switch off the printer.
  • While switching on the printer, hold up and down buttons until you see ‘Customer Mode’ on the LCD of the printer.
  • Go to ‘IOT DIAG’ with the help of the down button.
  • Select the ‘digital Input.’
  • Select diagnostic Test for yellow toner cartridge by selecting ‘Yellow (Y): DI-8.’
  • After the test your printer will display ‘H’ or ‘L’ in for the Yellow cartridge code such as- ‘DI-8L or 8H’ which means:
  1. ‘L’ means that the cartridge has been detected and the error has been resolved.
  2. ‘H’ means that the error could not be resolved and you may need to seek for professional support.
  • Press ‘Cancel’ to stop the test.
  • Press ‘Menu’ to exit the test.
  • Restart your printer before using it.

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