How to Fix Dell 1320c Color Laser Printer Error Light

Dell Laser Printer Light Color Error 1320c

Dell Printers are smart printers that aim to give you best printing experience and best support when the printer is down with some error. How, you may ask. Well contrary to how printer errors are perceived, these errors are actually your printer’s way to guide you to the core issue which is causing the Dell Printer Error.

We understand for a non technical person it can be a little difficult to comprehend the coded errors. And that’s where we come into the scene. We have compiled this article to help you resolve the printer errors on your own, before you think of running to an IT technician. In this article we will discuss how you can fix ‘Dell 1320c Color Laser Printer Error Light.’ So let’s get started!

Why Error 1320c Occurred With Dell Laser Printer

Possible cause:

Let us first look at the reasons that cause this error. By understanding the reason, you will be able to handle the troubleshooting method in a deeper way. And in addition will maintain your printer in a smarter way for the future use. So here are the reasons:

  • This error occurs when the fuser of the printer fails to transfer the ink from the toner to the paper.
  • Fuser is basically a part that warms up to a certain temperature in order to transfer the ink to the paper. But due to reasons such as gradual wear and tear, or voltage problem or faulty connection, it fails to attain that temperature.

Troubleshooting of Dell 1320c Color Laser Printer Error Light

Now that you have understood the reasons, let us now jump into the solutions of this error. Please make sure you follow the steps in the right order as they are mentioned here:

Quick Fix 1:

  • First of all you should switch off your Dell Printer.
  • Make sure you have disconnected all the cables and the power cords. Do not leave your printer connected to the computer.

Tip: Long press the power button of your printer to release any remaining current in your printer.

  • Now carefully open the side cover of your printer.
  • Now switch on your printer while simultaneously pressing the ‘Continue’ and the ‘Cancel’ buttons.
  • You will see that all the indicators get switched on, it is time to release the ‘Continue’ and the ‘Cancel’ buttons.
  • You will now observe that the lights for the ‘Continue’, ‘Error’ and the ‘Data’ will get switched off.
  • You need to shut the side cover of the printer.

Tip: Please DO NOT switch off your printer while you follow the above steps.

  • Once the process is completed, now you can turn off the printer.
  • Remove the power cord of the printer for about thirty seconds.
  • Make sure all the doors of the printer are properly closed. If they aren’t it can lead to another error.
  • Reconnect it and switch on your printer.
  • Restart your computer as well.
  • Give your printer a little while to initiate its internal functions properly.
  • Once both the printer and the computer are ready to be used, take at test print to check if the error has been resolved.

Quick Fix 2:

If the error doesn’t get resoled then it means it is the issue with the hardware of the printer. You would need a professional help.

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