How to Fix Brother Printer Error ‘Af’

AF Problem With Brother Printer Machine

Brother Multipurpose printer helps you copy, print, scan and fax with ease. But, in case it stops functioning for all of the above stated jobs and gives an error message of ‘Af’; it requires urgent looking into. Which is critical Brother Printer Error .

Af Printing Error with Brother Printer


If you view the error message of ‘Print Unable Af’

  • It mostly refers to a hardware-mechanics problem.
  • It could also occur due to a minute paper jam, or dust in the printer.

How Do You Fix Brother Printer AF Error Message

How To Resolve

Solution 1:

At times the issue pertains to work overload. To fix it, follow these steps:

  • First and Foremost, empty the Automatic Document Feeder of the printer.
  • Switch off the printer by pressing the POWER button. Now unplug its socket from the electricity source as well.
  • Wait for 30 seconds or so, and power on the printer.

If it states a ‘READY’ sign, your issue is resolved. You could further check on the machine’s usability by again giving in the command of the earlier required task. If it functions smoothly, your error is effectively resolved.

Solution 2:

In case if the warning sign reappears, your printer shall still be unusable. To resolve the printer error:

  • Switch off the printer as above and unplug it from the power source.
  • Now open the scanner cover. If the print head is in the center, shift it towards left or right end.
  • Now look for small paper debris stuck inside using a torch. Clean them with a lint free soft cloth.
  • Remember, do not touch the encoder strip (transparent strip opposite the white vinyl strip) with bare hands as it may malfunction due to imprinting of your fingertips. Clean it too with the soft lint-free cloth.
  • Close the scanner cover. Power the printer on.

If it now shows the ‘READY’ sign your issue is resolved.


All the fax messages received during this period shall be stored within the printer machine and can be easily accessed later or transferred to some other fax machine or a PC using earlier keyed in Station ID’s.

Scope of Service

  • If the error still reappears, you would require expert help.
  • We would recommend you to look into your ‘warranty period’ documents and contacting the closest Brother service- repair workshop without much ado.
  • Or, alternatively, you could connect with us here for round the clock expert Printer Technical Support dial now toll free Number Support AF Error Printer .

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