How Long Does the Ink Last in Laser Printers?

How Long Laser Printer INK Long Laster

Generally, the laser toners have a shelf life of 18-24 months. However, there are certain primary precautions that need to be taken to ensure that the estimated shelf life is achieved. Otherwise, the laser toner could be unfit for printing. The three primary factors that should be taken care of for the best usage of the toner are as under:

Ink Last in Laser Printers

Warmth: The toner should be stored in an airtight moisture free place in a cool and dark place certainly away from warmth.
Moisture: Moisture can lead the carbon particles to turn soggy thereby rendering it unfit for printing.
Mild: Similarly exposure to mild can totally erase the basic property of photosensitivity of the toner.

If the toner is duly protected from the three basic factors warmth, moisture and mild, then its best shelf life of 18-24 months can be achieved. If however, your toner is not printing means it has been affected by any of the three aforesaid factors. In that case, kindly contact us on our Toll-Free NumberTechnical Support For Printer to service your toner in the best possible manner.

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