How Do You Revive Dried Out Ink Cartridge?

Dry Inkjet Printer Cartridge Problem

If you have ever before had a printer that hasn’t already remained in usage for some months that will not appear to print, the factor could be as a result of a clogged up or dried ink cartridge.

Revive Dried Out Ink Cartridge

How To Troubleshoot Printer Cartridge Dry Error Code

Process to revive dried out ink cartridge

Method 1: Cleaning with Water

  1. Make certain that the printer is connected in and also the computer system has the printer drivers set up.
  2. Open up the printer to expose the ink cartridges.
  3. Get the black ink cartridge.
  4. Take the cartridge to the sink and also placed it down on the old paper or paper towels.
  5. Switch on the kitchen sink tab and wait up until you could obtain really warm water.
  6. Allow the sink loaded with warm water, however ONLY a little.
  7. Put the cartridge in the sink so the component where the ink gets out remains in the water.
  8. If ink gets out instantly after that your cartridge isn’t really extremely clogged up.
  9. Dry off the cartridge so it disappears compared to damp and also place it back in the printer and also provide it a trial run.

Method 2: Vacuum Method

  1. Connect the tube to the Print cartridge nozzle, shutting the space with blue-or white screw.
  2. For just a couple of secs at once, switch on vacuum fixing up the suction with the regulatory authority or rate control and also leave the cartridge in the upright nozzle down setting
  3. Repeat procedure up until the outlet is removed.
  4. Absorb off the excessive ink with toilet roll.
  5. Put the cartridge back into the printer.

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