How Do You Do A Nozzle Check on A Canon Printer?

Perform Nozzle Check With Canon Printer

When nozzle gives problem then printing goes wrong. You need to check the nozzle if the printing is not up to the mark. The colours that are being printed may not be proper. There may be misalignment in printing. Or the printing might be blurred. In such instances you can do a nozzle check.

Print the nozzle check pattern

Nozzle Check on Canon Printer

Place some standard size papers in the tray. And press the ‘print the nozzle pattern’ option. The nozzle pattern will get printed. If the print has white spaces in between that means the nozzle is not in proper condition.

Clean Nozzle Canon Printer

How to clean the nozzle?

Use the head clean option. The head cleaning require lot of ink, hence you can do the cleaning once in a year or when the prints are very blurred.

What If we are not satisfied with the nozzle check?

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