How Do You Clear a Printer?

Process To Clean Printer

A printer which is working smoothly all the time is not a reality. Where there is printing there will be a number of issues. The efficiency of the printer depends on how well you are able to tackle the glitches.

Clear Printer

One of the common problems is queuing of printing assignments in the printer. Where there is a printer, everyone wants to print necessary and unnecessary documents. If a printing glitch occurs while printing an unimportant paper you will forget and the printing will be queued. For instance when you are printing and there is a power failure, you will forget. But the printing command is there in the memory of computer. So later when someone gives a print command they will be in queue.

Start Cleaning Memory HP Printer Machine

Clearing a printer

For various printer models there will be commands for clearing the printer. Or else you can clear the printer manually.

Clearing the printer manually

In order to clear the print you can follow this procedure

  • Go to Start → Select Command Prompt
  • Click on Run as administrator → Select net stop spooler
  • Enter the command %systemroot%\System32\spool\printers\* /Q
  • Select net start spooler
  • Then exit by pressing Enter

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