How Do You Clean A HP Deskjet Printer?

Steps For Cleaning HP Deskjet Printer

If you frequently print files, you may have to conduct regular maintenance of the Deskjet printers to maintain the printouts clear. Dried out ink and dirt could obstruct the ink outlets and trigger empty spaces or streaks on the paper. HP Deskjet printers support an embedded procedure that cleanses dried out ink from inside the cartridges so no HP Printer Error Code will come. The process removes absent dots or lines on printouts. If you discover spaces after printing, you need to cleanse the ink cartridges to eliminate any noticeable particles manually.

Manual Cleaning Process

  1. Switch on the printer and pull the cover.
  2. Detach the power cable and take out cartridges, when the ink cartridges move to the center
  3. Moist cotton pads with water.
  4. Cleanse the boundaries around the bottom of the cartridges. Do not touch the copper contacts or nozzle plates.
  5. Cleanse the cartridge from inside with moist cotton pads. Let the cartridges to dry.
  6. Put back the cartridges in the printer and close the door
  7. Plug in the power cable.
  8. Safeguard that the cartridges are correctly reinstalled by printing a test page.

Automatic Cleaning Process

  1. Click on Start and type “All Programs.”
  2. Find the printer and click on it to open the printer menu.
  3. Select “Printer Services” tab
  4. Select “Clean Cartridges.”
  5. Choose “Clean” and print a test page.
  6. If the printing quality is not good, choose “Intermediate Clean” option to do an in-depth clean.
  7. Click “Done,” if the quality is excellent.
  8. Replace the ink cartridges, if the printing quality is terrible after performing above steps

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