How Do I Run A Cleaning Cycle On My Canon Printer?

Steps For Running Canon Printer Cleaning Cycle

It is necessary to opt for a cleaning cycle of your Canon printer when it remains idle for a long time and the print head eventually gets clogged. Usually, a standard cleaning is not sufficient. You are required to run a deep cleaning to make your Canon printer function properly.

run cleaning cycle on Canon printer

Steps to run a cleaning cycle on your Canon printer

  • Go to Windows desktop
  • Click “Start”
  • Click “Devices and Printers”
  • From the list of printers, choose your Canon printer
  • Right-click your Canon printer
  • Go to “Properties”
  • Select “Maintenance”
  • Now choose “Deep Cleaning”
  • You will get to hear some noise from your printer, as if it is printing something.
  • After sometime, you see the message “job is complete”

This is how a deep cleansing of your Canon printer is done. Now, you need to find out whether the nozzle is unclogged or not. For this:

  • Go to “Maintenance” tab
  • Run a Nozzle Check

Situation 1: You know your clog is fixed if the printing pattern is clear.
Situation 2: If the printed pattern is not clear even after deep cleaning, it means your nozzle is still clogged.

In case, if you face Situation 2, turn off your Canon printer for the entire day. After 24 hours, print a nozzle check. Usually, the remaining clog can liquefy if the printer is at rest after a cleaning.

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