How Do I Connect My HP Printer to My Network?

Connecting Printer To Network

It is a simple and a straightforward way to connect your hp printer to your network. There are three ways to connect your hp Printer:

  • Hp Auto wireless Connect.
  • Connection over a Wi-Fi network.
  • Connection using USB connection.

Here are the instructions to connect your hp printer to your network:

Solution 1:

  • ‘Hp Auto wireless Connect’ allows you to connect your printer without the need of wires without wireless network settings such as password or the network name.
  • You can use this technology by installing the latest software for your printer.
  • Just follow the step by step on-screen instructions.
  • When the setup asks you to select ‘Network (Ethernet/Wireless), choose ‘Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer.’

Solution 2:

  • Initiate the WPS push button mode on your printer.
  • Wait for two minutes.
  • Press WPS button on the router, to complete the wireless connection.

Solution 3:

  • During Printer software installation, connect and disconnect the USB cable as per the prompts by the printer software.
  • In some situations the software automatically syncs with the network.

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