How Do I Connect My Brother Printer to My Computer?

Connect PC / Laptop To Brother Printer

When you buy a Brother printer there will be accessories for printer installation. Depending upon the Computer model, the printer installation varies. There are two ways to connect Brother Printer to the computer. The installation methods are as follows:

Connect Brother Printer to Computer


The Brother printer comes with a CD-ROM. If your computer has a CD-ROM drive, you can use the CD-ROM to install the printer. However the latest versions of computers do not have a CD-ROM drive.

Online Printer driver installation

  • Click on the Brother Printer Support page.
  • Find the model number of your printer.
  • elect your operating system from the options provided.
  • Click on agree and download the printer driver.
  • Depending on the printer you are installing you will have to follow the instruction to download the printer driver.
  • Once the printer is installed you must restart the computer.

What if the printer is not properly installed?

Following the instruction and installing the printer is not an easy job. Sometimes the installation can go messy. In such a situation call us.

Call us

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